[<< wikinews] California State University, Chico fraternity suspended for making frat house porno flick
Tuesday, March 29, 2005 
The local chapter of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity at California State University, Chico was suspended after members were linked to a pornographic DVD apparently filmed in the club's fraternity house. According to reports, the DVD shows students engaged in various sexual activities with female porn actresses.
The Chico fraternity also has been suspended by the national Phi Kappa Tau organization and Chico State's Interfraternity Council, the student governing body for all fraternities. In addition, the national Interfraternity Council issued a press statement saying it was embarrassed by the Chico group's actions.
The company responsible for making the porno film is Van Nuys, California-based Shane's World. A spokesman for Shane's World said the Chico fraternity contacted it months ago with the idea of making a sex film in its "College Invasion" series.
The company says it requires all students who participate in its sex films to show proof that they are 18 or older and sign release forms. Shane's World has made five other DVDs at other U.S. universities since 2000.
University officials suspended the local fraternity from being able to participate in school sponsored activities at the rural northern California campus. The school also is investigating whether any illegal activities happened during the porn shoot including underage drinking.

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