[<< wikinews] Sandra Fluke gives keynote speech at Nebraska women's health event
Thursday, December 6, 2012 

Women's rights advocate and Georgetown University Law Center graduate Sandra Fluke was the keynote speaker at a women's health event Tuesday night in Nebraska.

Fluke was the headliner in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Rococo Theatre for the annual fundraiser of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, titled: "The Big Event: Courage — No Matter What". She currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her fiancé and "Mr. President", their pet dog. After graduating cum laude with her J.D. degree this past May, Fluke successfully took and passed the bar exam in July and is now an attorney.

In an interview with the Lincoln Journal Star, Fluke reflected on her role as a public figure and her ability to contribute to the contribute to the discourse about women's rights, "It's uplifting and heartening to see how many people really care about the issues I’m talking about." Fluke observed, "I think it's also allowed me to give a voice and shine a light on the work that a lot of people are doing." 
Fluke's speech centered on women's rights, women's healthcare, and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. She stressed the importance of women's issues in the recent election for U.S. President: "This year, something changed in our national conversation about women’s health.... Before my time, women's healthcare has never decided a presidential election. We really did make a difference this election." She spurred on attendees of the event to become more active in supporting women's rights: "It’s time for young women in this country to join the fight, because it’s our rights and our health that are at stake."

Planned Parenthood regional development and planned gifts director Tari Hendrickson told the Lincoln Journal Star Sandra Fluke was her top choice for keynote speaker at the event: "Sandra was No. 1 on my list; I never had a No. 2. She's a voice of reason. I think she has raised the bar for rational conversation about a serious issue."

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland Planned Nebraska communications manager Susan Allen told the Daily Nebraskan Sandra Fluke was the ideal person to serve as keynote speaker: "She is a wonderfully outspoken person on the affordable care act, women's health and women's rights. We decided she would be the perfect person to speak to Planned Parenthood supporters." 
Planned Parenthood intern and University of Nebraska-Lincoln student Emily Schiltz commented on landing Fluke as the keynote speaker, "She is definitely the biggest person we've had in a long time."
"I feel like she walks the walk rather than talk the talk," said Planned Parenthood intern and journalism student Audrey Nance.
Fluke indicated her intention was to persevere in speaking about issues she thinks important: "I think my ultimate goal is giving a voice to people who don't always have one."
She has been named as a candidate by Time magazine in a November 26 announcement, for their Person of the Year. Time concluded Fluke helped give U.S. President Barack Obama an edge in his presidential re-election campaign.
Fluke was a featured speaker on September 5 at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fluke spoke to attendees at the convention about the consequences for women of electing Republican candidate for U.S. President, Mitt Romney, over incumbent President Barack Obama. Fluke has campaigned with President Obama in his bid for re-election.
She was recognized April 22 with the Stand Up for Choice Award. Fluke was given the Stand Up for Choice Award at the "Third Annual Multi-Generational Brunch" of the organization NARAL Pro-Choice America which was held in New York City (NYC), New York in the United States. 
Fluke received a nomination in March as a candidate for Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world. The list is released annually as a special edition of Time magazine, titled Time 100.
She gave testimony to the US Congress on February 23 before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee at a hearing about women's health and contraception. She also worked for Sanctuary for Families in NYC which worked to crack down on human trafficking and domestic violence. 

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