[<< wikinews] Bird flu outbreak kills birds in Krasnodar region
Saturday, December 1, 2012 

Krasnodar, Russia officials said yesterday they have found roughly 4,000 dead wild birds in the region. Doctors identified the disease as bird flu subtype H5. Officials said the outbreak originated with coots in water reservoirs at the west of the region.
The Krasnodar leading veterinary physician, George Gzhailidi, said the bird flu outbreak originated with coots in the Temryuksky District and Anapsky District. The region governor Alexander Nikolayevich Tkachyov said, "At risk is the health and safety of people, of everybody who lives in the region. This is why I make the decision to ban hunting in the districts with mass mortality of wild birds — Temryuk[sky District] and Anap[sky District]. Also, a quarantine is being declared for these areas." ((ru))Russian language: ‍Цена вопроса - здоровье и безопасность всех жителей края. Поэтому я принимаю решение о запрете охоты в районах, где была отмечена массовая гибель дикой птицы - в Анапе и Темрюке (Анапском и Темрюкском районах- ИФ). Кроме того, на этих территориях вводится карантин.Officials started emergency vaccinations of birds on local farms. Officials are also carrying out emergency vaccination of humans in the area.

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