[<< wikinews] Egypt bus and train crash kills dozens of children
Saturday, November 17, 2012 

At least 50 children have died as the result of a train and bus collision in the Asyut Governorate of Egypt. Governor Yehya Keshk has also said thirteen children were injured in the crash near the city of Manfalut, approximately 230 miles or 350 kilometres south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo.
The bus was transporting approximately sixty pre-school children, with the fatalities aged between four and six, according to BBC News Online. Senior Health Ministry official Mamdouh al-Weshahi reported "several deaths and injuries among the pupils", who "are being counted and taken to hospitals".
Speaking from Cairo, Al-Jazeera reporter Sherin Tadros said it was "difficult for the rescuers to operate in the area" as the seriousness of the accident meant "only 22 bodies or so came out in full and the rest are in [pieces]".
Dr. Mohamed Samir reported witness accounts of the incident to Reuters news agency. "They told us the barriers were open when the bus crossed the tracks and the train collided with it," he said.
State media has said, in the aftermath of this incident the Egyptian Railway Authority head and transport minister Rashad al-Metini have resigned.

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