[<< wikinews] National Guard dispatched to Buffalo, New York to help with storm cleanup
Tuesday, October 17, 2006 Buffalo, New York —
In an afternoon press conference, Erie County Executive Joel Giambra announced that at least 300 United States National Guard troops will assist in the cleanup of the "Friday the 13 snow storm" in Buffalo the past weekend and "that possibly more troops" will be called in to help. It is estimated that at least 30 million tons of trees and other debris from the storm will have to be moved from the streets of cities all over the Western New York region. At least 150 troops came to WNY on Monday with lifts and dumptrucks.
"[The debris is] massive, absolutely massive. The idea is to get it off the streets as soon as possible. That`s our priority right now," said Giambra in a press conference this afternoon. Giambra was at the Eastern Hills Mall which the National Grid Power Company is using as a staging area for all the storm repairs needed in WNY. 
The mall is still without power as is an estimated 215,000 people and businesses throughout the region. Power may not be back on in many areas until Sunday or Monday of next week. Originally, nearly 400,000 people lost power during the storm.
At least 6 people have died due to storm related injuries or incidents. Three died from being poisoned by carbon monoxide when they left power generators running in their homes. One pedestrian was killed by a falling tree limb and two persons were killed in car accidents related to the heavy snowfall.

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