[<< wikinews] Venezuelan opposition holds large rally
Sunday, October 8, 2006 
An opposition rally was held, yesterday, in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, in support of the opposition candidate Manuel Rosales. The BBC reports that tens of thousands of opposition supporters gathered in Avenida Libertador. However the Associated Press reports only around 10,000 people at the rally. 
The rally was called "un mojella de avalanche!" (a grand avalanche) by Rosales.  The use of Avenida Bolivar and permission to take aerial photos of such rallies was denied by the government, citing "security reasons." There is a planned rally for Hugo Chavez October 8th in Caracas as well.  
Rosales, the Social Democratic governor of Zulia has been singled out by the opposition to be their only candidate. He has been campaigning non-stop around the country to get support for his election in the December 3rd presidential election against incumbent Chavez who has a significant lead in public opinion polls. Rosales' support is greatest amongst the middle class while Chavez's base is with the working class and poor.

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