[<< wikinews] New Delhi: Video shows witnesses in the Jessica Lall murder case being bribed
Wednesday, September 27, 2006 
The Indian newspaper Tehelka has carried out a sting operation which shows how coercion and bribes were used to manipulate the witnesses in the high-profile Jessica Lall homicide case.
The three-month long sting shows how Shayan Munshi, Karan Rajput and Shiv Das were bribed into not testifying, which in turn led to the acquittal of key-accused Manu Sharma. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) which is in charge of the case has taken custody of the tapes.
Jessica Lall, a model who worked at the posh South Delhi restaurant Tamarind Court, was shot dead, allegedly by Manu Sharma, for refusing to serve him a drink, on 29 April 1999. Manu Sharma is the son of Vinod Sharma, a Congress Party leader in Haryana.

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