[<< wikinews] Liberal leadership hopeful Ken Dryden outlines vision for Canada
Tuesday, September 5, 2006 

Liberal leadership hopeful Ken Dryden outlined his vision of the country today. He wants Canada to be a fair, global, environmental and learning society.
"What I'm trying to focus on is the educational systems as part of a whole piece of what I call a learning society," Dryden told CTV's Canada AM this morning. "We learn from the day we are born and we learn until the day we die."
"The challenge is finding ways of enhancing learning through a national system of early childcare and a proper mix of scholarships and government help, such as grants and tax incentives," said Dryden.
Dryden admitted during a news conference that he doesn't know whether Canadian troops should withdraw or stay in Afghanistan or whether a carbon tax should be part of any climate change plan. He has now called for a thorough debate and examination of the issue.
Other leadership hopefuls are planning big policy announcements this week as they head into the few weeks before delegates are chosen to attend to leadership convention in December. 

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