[<< wikinews] China women's national wheelchair basketball team tops Japan for third place at Rollers & Gliders World Challenge
Saturday, July 21, 2012 

Homebush Bay, New South Wales —
Earlier today, the Chinese women's national wheelchair basketball team beat the Japanese women's national wheelchair basketball team 53–37 at the Rollers & Gliders World Challenge taking home third place at at the Sport Centre at the Sydney Olympic Park.
China dominated the game, especially on the scoreboard, starting with the opening tip off which they won.  They took Japan out of the game by committing a lot of fouls early on, and finished the first quarter ahead 10–6.  In the second quarter, Japan hurried down the floor to set up their offense before the Chinese had a chance to set up their defense.  They set up their own defense, while not resorting to a full court press.  They also set up effective blocks.  Japan's game fell apart because of low shooting percentage: they could not make baskets when it was their turn on the offense.  The second quarter ended 24–10.  In the third quarter, China's 4.5 point player Cheng Haizhen fell over and required on court medical assistance after hitting her head on a Japanese wheel on the way down.  The third quarter ended 35–23.  Two Chinese players, Peng Fengling and  Fu Yongqing, were sent off after earning five personal fouls apiece in a quarter that featured continued ramming of both teams into their opposition.  The game ended 53–37.
China will start their London Paralympic campaign on August 30 against Mexico while the Japanese women did not qualify.

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