[<< wikinews] Former Paraguayan President's daughter found dead
Thursday, February 17, 2005 
ÑEMBY, Paraguay —
Paraguayan authorities have confirmed the discovery of the body of Cecilia Cubas
Gusinky, aged 31, daughter of the former Paraguayan President Raul Cubas. She
was kidnapped on September 21, 2004 in the outskirts of Asuncion.
The body was found inside a tunnel under a house which is located in
Ñemby, 29 km from Asuncion. Members of the
leftist party Patria Libre (Free Country) were believed to live there.
This kidnapping shocked Paraguayan public opinion because Cecilia was the
daughter of a former President and because two days ago it was discovered that
the kidnappers would have been advised by the Colombian
Communist insurgent armed group FARC.
The authorities claim the kidnappers were led by the Patria Libre member Osmar Martínez. He was exchanging emails with Trotador505
who according to Colombian police is Rodrigo Granda, FARC chancellor. Martínez was arrested in January in Caaguazú, 200 km from Asunción.
"We don't deny our fraternal relationship with this brotherlike organization",
Martínez said in relation to FARC.
He also told how he had photographs of himself with Fidel Castro, Brazilian
President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, politicians of the People's Republic of China, Libya and Iraq and added: "I am proud of relating to the great men of universal history".
People are speculating on the possible participation in the crime by members of the Paraguayan police.
The advanced state of decomposure indicates Ms Gusinsky had been
dead for more than a month.

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