[<< wikinews] Drought conditions hit much of US again in 2012
Monday, July 9, 2012 
Over half of the contiguous United States is experiencing drought conditions, according to a report released Thursday by the National Weather Service. The report, addressing the period through this coming September, predicted many states will see these conditions persist, or worsen.
Further government reports indicate that high temperatures have played a role in the drought. Additionally, food supplies are being negatively impacted. 22 percent of the corn and soybean crop in key states is reported in "poor or very poor condition"; other crops have also been reduced in the wake of the conditions.
Only days ago, over one million residences in the greater Washington D.C. area were without air-conditioning following a rash of storms and high winds. Reports indicate that temperatures reached at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit (about 38C) during that period. Overall, 18 deaths were attributed to those conditions which extended to several states. Two Tennessee brothers, ages 3 and 5 died after playing outside, according to one report. When asked about weather conditions, a Texas woman told Wikinews, "This heat has been dreadful. I can hardly stand to be outside for more than 10 minutes."
The National Weather Service's report noted that, in the southeastern US, some weather improvements are expected across certain portions of Georgia and South Carolina. An Arkansas woman told Wikinews, "...it's horrible. We're not used to these kinds of temperatures. It's so miserable outside right now. It doesn't normally get this hot here...this is unbelievable." Sources are referring to this drought as the worst since 1988. 

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