[<< wikinews] One Australian male and female archer qualify for Olympics after Ogden event
Saturday, June 23, 2012 

Following the Olympic Team Qualifying Tournament in Ogden, Utah this week, Australia earned spots for only one male and female archer to represent the country at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
At the 2012 Oceania Championships, Australia qualified a male and female archer to represent Australia at the Olympics.  The Ogden-based qualifying competition was an opportunity for Australia to qualify additional archers and both a men's and a women's team with three available spots for each. 
On the men's team side, with Taylor Worth, Sky Kim, and Ryan Tyack representing the country, Australia beat Turkey 214–204 in the 1/8th round, then beat Romania 216–203 to qualify for the semi-finals.  Australia's men lost to India 209–221 to go into the bronze medal match, where they lost to Chinese Taipei 214–216.  With only the top three national teams qualifying, Australia did not qualify for the last available Olympic spot for the men's team event.
On the women's side, the Australian team of Elisa Barnard, Alice Ingley, and Deonne Bridger was eliminated early on and did not advance to the knockout round.
In the men's individual elimination competition, Tyack beat Peart of Great Britain 6–4 and lost to Duenas of Canada 3–7.  Worth beat Hristov of Bulgaria 6–0, fellow Australian Kim 6–2, and the United States's Ellison 6–4 and Wukie 6–4, before losing to Luis of Mexico 3–7. Kim beat Gankin of Kazakhstan 6–4 before losing to his teammate Worth.  Matthew Masonwells beat Curchod of Switzerland 6–2 before losing to Tilmaz of Turkey 3–7.
In the women's individual elimination competition, Alice Ingley went out in the first round following a 2–6 loss to Lee of Canada. Deonne Bridger also went out in the first round following a loss to Oyunsuren of Mongolia. Elisa Barnard had more success, beating Gonzalez of Mexico 7–3 and Jager of Denmark 6–4 before being eliminated 4–6 in a match against Oliver of Great Britain.
Australia will likely be sending Western Australian Taylor Worth and New South Walesman Elisa Barnard to the Games, continuing a tradition of Australian archers competing at the Olympics since the sport was re-introduced to the programme in 1972.

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