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Monday, June 26, 2006 

Today, the Internet news site Digg launched the third version of its site, which sees it expanding from exclusively technology-related news into tech, entertainment, world, business and science news. The site has also had a redesign.
Screenshots of the third version of Digg site have being released to various blogs like TechCrunch and also Valleywag over the last few weeks. Shortly after the first screenshots, AOL launched a social news site similar to Digg, located at a subdomain of Netscape. This received a negative response from the majority of the blogosphere.
Last Thursday a launch party for Digg 3.0 was held at a San Francisco bar. Kevin Rose gave a preview of the new version of Digg and features to come out in July, 2006. Diggnation video of the launch party is located at http://videos.revision3.com/diggnation/0051/diggnation--0051--2006-06-22--small.m4v.

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