[<< wikinews] Seven plotted to blow up Sears Tower
Friday, June 23, 2006 
Seven people arrested in Miami allegedly planned attacks on Sears Tower in Chicago and other buildings as part of pledge to al-Qaeda to wage war against the United States. They are also accused of having planned attacks on FBI buildings.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Friday that "seven young men arrested in Miami were part of a group of "homegrown terrorists" who sought to work with al-Qaida but ended up consorting instead with a law enforcement informant."

== The terror suspects ==
The men's names are the following:

Narseal Batiste
Patrick Abraham
Stanley Grant Phanor
Naudimar Herrera
Burson Augustin
Lyglenson Lemorin
Rotschild AugustineThe seven individuals, are ranging in age from 22 to 32. 
They were due to appear in a Miami magistrate court on Friday.

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