[<< wikinews] New Zealand Greens party has new co-leader
Saturday, June 3, 2006 

New Zealand Green party has elected a new party co-leader, Russel Norman at the AGM this weekend.
Russel Normans election to co-leader follows the death of previous co-leader, Rod Donald.
Russel Norman, 39-year-old, was elected on the first ballot at Silverstream, Upper Hutt on the Greens Annual General Meeting.
Norman was up against four other candidates, including MP Nandor Tanczos. Tanczos would have been automatically put in as co-leader if a remit had passed stating that a co-leader had to be an MP.
Dr Norman will make his first speech on climate change on June 4, 2006.
"Members chose me for a variety of reasons, mainly because... I focused on the main issues for the Greens, around climate change, public transport, those kinds of things." Dr Norman said. Dr Norman said he would not try to fill Donald's shoes but make his own mark instead. He is the Greens party development coordinator in Wellington. He also holds a PhD in political studies.

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