[<< wikinews] 1960s Rockabilly music artist Terry Teen dies aged 70
Monday, March 12, 2012 

Terry Knutsen, who performed under the name Terry Teen during the 1960s, died on Friday evening after life support systems were removed, according to sources close to the artist. Mr. Knutsen was seriously injured on Wednesday evening, while riding his bicycle along the outskirts of Tyler, Texas, United States.
Doctors immediately classified Mr. Knutsen's condition as 'critical' upon his arrival at the hospital, and further stated that he never achieved notable brain activity while hospitalized. Reports indicate that Mr. Knutsen struck a tow truck while he rode his bicycle along Highway 110 along the outskirts of Tyler, Texas on Wednesday evening. A passerby describes seeing "...a smashed up bicycle covered in...plastic bags and...a yellow raincoat..." lying at the scene of the accident. 
Mr. Knutsen achieved some notoriety for his novelty song Curse of the Hearse, which was a staple for many years on Doctor Demento's annual Halloween radio program. Before his death, Mr. Knutsen had performed for many years throughout Texas as a professional clown. He made a brief (uncredited) appearance many years ago on one episode of the hit television show In Living Color. Sources indicate he also had minor roles in various films.
A memorial service is planned for Monday evening at 7:00pm local time (CDT).

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