[<< wikinews] BC Queen of the North ferry sinks
Wednesday, March 22, 2006 
At approximately 00:26 hrs, on Wednesday, March 22, the British Columbia ferry MV Queen of the North hit a rock near Gil Island in Wright Sound, off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, 75 from the start of ship's schedule journey from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy on the Northern tip of Vancouver IslandPort Hardy. The ship missed a course change and ran agroung off Gil Island. It took about an hour for the ferry to sink, giving passengers time to get out. The vessel was carrying 101 passengers and crew, and all but 2 were accounted for. Thanks to quick-response of nearby aboriginal fishing villager of Hartley Bay, and the CCGS Sir Wiflrid Laurier. Survivors were quickly fetched from the Queen of the North's lifeboat and brought to Hartley Bay and onboard the coast Guard ship, and eventually back to Prince Rupert onboard the Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Hartley Bay. 
The Queen of the North, is (apx) 9,000 gross ton, motor driven vessel, built in Germany in 1969. The Queen of the North had been on this 15 hrs, 274 nautical mile ferry run since late May 1980. In the summer and on relief work, her smaller sister ship, the Queen of Prince Rupert also performs that run.

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