[<< wikinews] Photo essay: Valentine's Day at the U.S. Viet Nam War Memorial
Thursday, February 16, 2006 Washington, D.C. —

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is the most visited monument in the Washington, D.C. at close to 4 million visitors a year.  Conceived as a symbol of a never ending reminder of our connection to the veterans of Vietnam, the wall holds strong memories for everyone who visits the wall.
There are nephews like David Quatrone of New Jersey who came to find his Green Beret Uncle Ferdinand Quatrone who served six tours of duty.  
There was Alan Earls of Missouri who came to find his Aunt's younger brother who perished during the Tet Offensive. 
There was even 11 year old Gema from Miami, Florida who came to see the wall and connect hereself to her schoolwork; "I wanted to see the wall to understand what they were teaching us.  I want to write an article about it."  
Stephen Birks of Fort Long Beach came to find Larry Rabren who dated his sister when Stephen was just 14.
Each has a story to tell and to remember this Valentine's Day night. 

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