[<< wikinews] Modern radio drama Paranoria, TX releases 100th episode
Thursday, February 16, 2017 
Paranoria, TX, a modern radio drama hosted at internet-based AstroNet Radio, released its 100th episode. The episode is titled The People's Choice and aired on Monday. 

The station's web site describes the show as "old school radio theater with a new and outrageous geeky spin!" In its early days, the show was featured solely at the long-running internet radio site TogiNet Radio, a site focused on talk radio. In late 2015, TogiNet established AstroNet Radio as a subsidiary station. The show originally featured amateur voice actors, local to East Texas. After some time, professional actors/talent came to be featured intermittently. Some of those were 

Kevin Betzer from television series Deep South Paranormal.
Clu Gulager notably from The Virginian and The Fall Guy.
John Gulager notably as director of Piranha 3DD.
Diane Ayala Goldner notably from horror film franchise Feast.
Vernon Wells notably from the films Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and Weird Science.Wikinews caught up with the show's producer, George Jones, to discuss the show.
((WN))  First, tell our readers about Paranoria, Texas. 

George Jones: Paranoria, TX started out as a little show that could. We really didn't know what we were doing but we wanted to do Old School radio in a brand new format which consisted of a new script every week with a cast of voice actors. The result was a surprising hit and now the show has grown into something completely different than what it was in the beginning and we have followers worldwide. The basic premise of the story is that there is a group of nerds who come together plotting to take over the world but end up saving it time and again.((WN))  When did the idea for the show first come to you? 

GJ: I was called into the [TogiNet] studio for an interview about one of my events and while I was there the DJ asked me if I had ever thought about doing a radio show myself. I had no idea what I was going to do but I was intrigued and after a little brainstorming and utilizing my own creativity the show was born.((WN))  You've written most of the scripts, right? Has anyone else helped you with writing? 

GJ: I have written 90% of the scripts for the show. Eric Nivens, Alan Mendez, Jeremy Nagel and Matt McBride have also written a few scripts. It gets tough running a brand new 20-page script every week but somehow we've managed for almost a hundred weeks. We thank God for fans who keep us going, otherwise it would not have made it for so long.Jones estimates since the first episode, the show has been downloaded roughly 30,000 times. The show is set to feature a spin-off series soon.

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