[<< wikinews] Opposition motions in Australian House of Representatives attempts to bring Government to account on last sitting day of year
Thursday, December 8, 2005 

On the last sitting day of the year in Federal Parliament, the Opposition opened with three successive motions to attempt to bring the Government to account over the major issues that the Government has faced over the last fortnight.
The motions to suspend standing orders was first put by Wayne Swan (the shadow Treasurer)
dealt with the Treasurer Peter Costello, calling on him to release documents and information regarding Robert Gerard; the following two put by Kevin Rudd (the shadow Foreign Minister) and (the member for Corio) dealt with the Government's involvement in the Australian Wheat Board inadvertently paying money to a front business of Saddam Hussein.
The Government with their House majority moved that these speakers and their necessary seconders be no longer heard (the 'gag'), and voted down the motions.

== Sources ==

ABC NewsRadio broadcasts of Parliament.