[<< wikinews] Six dead in shooting at Texas roller skating rink
Monday, July 25, 2011 

Six people have died after a shooting at a roller skating rink in Grand Prairie, Texas. The shooting happened at a children's birthday party on Saturday at around 7:10pm after a domestic dispute. The gunman is among the dead after a self inflicted gunshot. Four other people were injured in the shooting.
John Brimmer, a spokesman for the Grand Prairie Police Department said "This was a domestic situation that went south in a hurry. The shooting lasted only seconds."
The entire rink had been rented out by a family for a private party. All of the dead were either teenagers or adults attending the celebration. 
Brimmer added at the end of his statement, "Thankfully we don't have things like this happen with any kind of regularity. We are a community of give or take 160,000 people and it's a great city and for something like this to happen is just horrible."

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