[<< wikinews] Woman's body found in home of Papua New Guinea leader
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 

A woman has been found dead at the home of Sam Abal, the acting prime minister of Papua New Guinea. The body was discovered in the garden of the property early Monday morning. Abal's adopted son, Teo, was arrested on Wednesday after a two-day search; he was reportedly the last person to be seen with the woman.
A murder investigation has been opened by Papua New Guinea police. Abal, currently living in a local hotel, released a statement, saying: "The alleged murder took place within the perimeters of my private home. All family members living with me are immediate suspects and are subject to investigation and questioning by police."
Police Commissioner Anthony Wagambie commented on Teo Abal's arrest, saying, "He was caught last night at the Pondorosa Hotel in Port Moresby and is currently being interviewed by police."
Sam Abal has been the acting prime minister of Papua New Guinea since April of this year, when 75-year-old leader Michael Somare underwent heart surgery. Somare's recovery has been extended but no date has been given as to his return.

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