[<< wikinews] 100th annual East Texas State Fair opens
Saturday, September 26, 2015 

The 100th annual East Texas State Fair opened in the city of Tyler, Texas yesterday.
Equipment for rides and attractions for the fair began arriving at the fairgrounds earlier in the week. Several food vendors and artisans were also setting up their displays as early as Monday. The event is a highly publicised mainstay in the city of Tyler. 
Several days are built around specific themes. Yesterday was 'Senior Day', which marks its 48th year at the fair. A large faux cake, assembled from tables, fabric, and other decorations, was set to be unveiled yesterday, commemorating the fair's 100th anniversary. Earlier in the week police issued a traffic advisory due to expected pedestrian traffic near the fair's front entrance.
An array of shows and exhibits are expected to be featured this year. Kristen Johnson, often known as the 'Lady Houdini', is to perform escapes from a water torture cell. A giant sand sculpture is also located just inside the front gate. The sculpture is built by husband and wife team, Gregg and Brandi Glenn, from San Luis Obispo, California.

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