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Thursday, September 29, 2005 
Demosphere.net, an underground political forum, has started a new wiki[1] on Tuesday to be used for the design of their socio-political voting software, which is currently under development. Using the wiki, the public can collaborate with project members to resolve issues inherent in such a complex system. A Beta version which will let students debate, discuss and vote on issues that affect their community, should be available on college and university campuses for the start of the Fall 2006 Semester.
The wiki uses the MediaWiki platform, and contribution is not limited in any way. The wiki was set up by Jordan Schroder, Project Director and CEO of Democratic Development Solutions[2], a student driven Canadian startup.  "Despite the youth of our new wiki, I think students and professionals interested in the project, will find it a great way to have an impact on the software we're developing...", Schroder said in an interview. "Wiki technology is incredibly powerful and is exactly the kind of filter the Internet, as a medium, needs to play a more concrete role in long-term global democracy." He went on to say that he would personally "love to see wiki technology incorporated into the design of our voting software."
Although he couldn't say for certain how it might be used in the media-community framework of the future software, he stressed that, "in adopting this technology during our formative and foundation stages, we can hopefully attract individuals with an idea of how it might be best used in the finished product, and who are interested in leadership positions within the project."
The demosphere.net discussion forums[3], with 45 registered users and over 1100 posts (many of a political nature), are more active than the wiki. While only a few days old, the wiki had, as of September 27th, only two registered users, according to the site stats [4].

== Sources ==
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