[<< wikinews] Large gas main explodes in San Bruno, California neighborhood
Friday, September 10, 2010  

According to live scanner communications, fire officials say a large gas main has exploded in a neighborhood located in San Bruno, California. Earlier scanner communications had suggested a "large commercial aircraft" had crashed.

"This is a natural gas explosion with multiple structures and vehicles," said one firefighter to San Mateo County dispatch while on the scene. "[at least] 20 structures are involved," said another firefighter with about 10-20 acres of land involved in the blaze. Later estimates put at least 30 to 35 structures involved in the fire.
According to communications, fire departments from six different companies are reporting to the scene. Power has been shut off to the area while efforts are made to bring the blaze under control. PG&E says the line affected by the explosion is a 24 inch natural gas line.
By 11:00pm PST yesterday, KPIX-TV was reporting three dead and 53 structures destroyed. On Friday, officials raised the death toll to 6 with several others injured and some still missing. Earlier reports were that several people are said to be trapped in a home near the site of the explosion. 
The location of the incident is just outside of San Francisco International Airport.

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