[<< wikinews] Suspected 'mastermind' of London bombings no longer a suspect
Tuesday, July 19, 2005 
The Egyptian chemist arrested in Cairo last week has no links with the London bombings, officials have said. The Egyptian interior ministry published a report which "made clear there was no link between Magdi Asdi el-Nashar and Al Qaeda or the bombings". Mr Nashar has still not been named a suspect by British police. 
Just after his arrest, the Egyptian interior minister said that reports linking Mr Nashar to al-Qaeda were "groundless" and based on a hasty conclusion. Mr Nashar has always denied being part of the London bombings; however he is reported to have told investigators that he helped arrange the rental of a flat for one of the bombers, Hasib Hussain. 
Mr Nashar has always maintained that he had intended to return to Leeds at the end of a holiday in Egypt, which began a week before the bombings.

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