[<< wikinews] Riots in Île-de-France : 70 arrested after 200 cars burned
Friday, July 15, 2005 
About 200 cars were burned by young people on the night of July 13 in Île-de-France, the metropolitan area of Paris. As the police cars arrived, youths began to pelt the vehicles with rocks, firecrackers and bottles. Rioters broke store windows at Argenteuil. Police used flash-balls and smoke grenades. The riots ended with 70 men being arrested. A police officer was wounded by a rocket and was taken to hospital. Shop windows were broken at Argenteuil. It is not the first time vehicles have been attacked on 13-14 July in France. 

== Sources ==
 "Environ 200 voitures incendiées en marge des célébrations populaires" — Le Figaro, July 15, 2005
 "Plus d’une centaine de voitures incendiées en Ile-de-France mercredi soir" — AFP, July 14, 2005
 "Environ 200 voitures incendiées en France mercredi soir" — Le Monde, July 14, 2005