[<< wikinews] Bomb scare closes main Edinburgh thoroughfare
Thursday, July 7, 2005 

The Police sealed off Princes St while the bomb squad performed a controlled explosion on board an Edinburgh double-decker bus, following reports of a suspicious package on board. 
A block of Princes street was closed to the public from approximately 17:30, while investigations were carried out. Later a second controlled explosion was carried out in a store at the east end of Princes St.
All local shops and homes were evacuated, and as of 20:30 remained unable to access their property while continuing evaluation of the scene was carried out. Traffic approaching the area was diverted, and motorists urged to stay away from the area unless essential.
Following earlier blasts in London the Police treated the situation very seriously, but it later emerged to be a false alarm. The blockade follows several days of planned closures for marches surrounding the Make Poverty History and G8 conference.

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== Sources ==
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