[<< wikinews] Singapore Slingers defeat Darwin All-Stars in eighth Singapore Challenge Series game
Saturday, December 20, 2008 

In basketball, the Singapore Slingers defeated Darwin All-Stars 91–65 in a physical game played at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. This was the eighth game of the ten-game Challenger series featuring Southeastern Asian teams. The win takes the Slingers to a 7–1 win/loss ratio with two games left in the series.
Played in front of a small crowd of less then 1 000, the Slingers held the lead throughout the game and continued to extend their lead in each quarter. The second and third quarters proved tight with the Slingers only gaining a one and two point lead respectively in each. In the final quarter the Slingers outscored Darwin by 31–9 winning comfortably.
Local player Darren Ng thrilled the crowd with 33 points including five 3 pointers. Other active players included Armein Kirland who contributed strongly with his physical presence. Darwin struggled to get into the game with a high foul count and were led by Brad Bridgewater who finished with 25 points.
The next round of the Singapore Challenger Series will be played on January 4, 2009 with the Slingers meeting Philippines team RP Harbour Centre. Basketball is growing in presence within Singapore and there are calls for Singapore to join an Asian League after bowing out of the Australian NBL competition in 2008.
The leading scorers for the Singapore Slingers were Darren Ng (33) and Eric Sandrin (16). Brad Bridgewater (25) and Jason Aucoin (16) were the high scorers for the Darwin All-Stars.

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