[<< wikinews] US presidential race tied as the Democratic National Convention starts
Tuesday, August 26, 2008 

United States presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are statistically tied according to the latest Day to Day Politics Poll Average as the 2008 Democratic National Convention starts today. The 7-day average shows that the difference between the two candidates is within the margin of error of 0.82%: Barack Obama is polling at 46.4% and John McCain is at 44.8%.
The Gallup Poll for the last two days has the candidates tied at 45%.  The lead for Obama has dropped since mid-August when it reached its peak for the month at a 3.1% margin.  
Obama has recently added Senator Joe Biden to his nomination ticket. Polls show that only 54% of registered voters believe that Joe Biden is an excellent or good choice for Obama's running mate.
Hillary Clinton is expected to release her delegates to Barack Obama on Wednesday. Clinton's supporters are split on Obama's choice of Biden over Clinton as vice presidential nominee.  Polls show that fewer than half of Hillary Clinton supporters are sold on Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee.  
The Day to Day Politics Poll Average for the past week used the Gallup Tracking poll, the Rasmussen Tracking poll, the CNN poll, the USA Today/Gallup poll, Fox, ABC /Post, and CNN.

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