[<< wikinews] Wikinews Shorts: August 15, 2008
A compilation of brief news reports for Friday, August 15, 2008 .

=== 'Alien' beetle found in imported plants ===

An 'alien' beetle, the citrus long-horned beetle which is listed as a quarantined pest, has been found in acer palmatum (Japanese Maple) plants imported via the Netherlands from China to the United Kingdom.
The larvae of the beetle causes damage to trees such as oak, beech and shurbs such as rose by trunk boring. 
A spokesperson for the Department for Environment (DEFRA) was quoted as advising "if you see one of these distinctive beetles please isolate it in a sealed container and contact your local Plant Health and Seeds Inspector." 
DEFRA has also issued further information about the beetle at their website. Earlier in July, a similar beetle had been in found in Guernsey.

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