[<< wikinews] US presidential candidate Barack Obama's lead in the polls increases
Saturday, July 26, 2008 

After several days in Europe, Barack Obama has found his lead in the polls have increased by 2 percent over John McCain.  This comes from a polling average that is produced on a daily basis from the polls conducted in the past week.  On the 21st of July the polling average had Obama with a 1.5% lead over McCain, 45.8% to 44.3%. As of July 25, Obama is coming at 46.4% and John McCain at 42.9%. Obama has increased by 0.6% of voters, and John McCain has lost 1.4% of voters.  The margin of error for the polling average is 0.87%, which means even if the error is added to McCain's column, Obama has a statistical lead.  Because almost 11 percent of the population are undecided, and several months remain before the general election, it is too early to call a winner.    
The Day to Day Politics Poll Average for the past week used the Gallup Tracking poll, the Rasmussen Tracking poll, the Fox News poll, and the NBC/WSJ poll.

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