[<< wikinews] Palestinians storm Egyptian border near Rafah
Wednesday, July 2, 2008 

The border between Egypt and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip has closed again after Palestinians attacked the border. The border opened again on Tuesday, but after Wednesday's events, was once again closed.
Egypt had opened the border to allow people stranded on either side to go across, and to allow Palestinians access to supplies and services such as health care. When Egypt restricted passage to only small groups of people, Palestinians began to grow restless.
There are reports of stones being thrown at Egyptian and Palestinian border guards. Three Palestinians are reported to be injured. To repel the riot, the Egyptians used water-canons to keep crowds at bay. The Egypt-Gaza border is now sealed again.
Hamas militants have previously forced open the Egyptian border in January to allow Palestinians to get essential supplies that have been cut off due to an Israeli blockade. Israel has since allowed supplies to flow into the Gaza Strip as per a ceasefire agreement.

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