[<< wikinews] Gas leak kills six and injures 28 at Chinese fertiliser factory
Friday, June 13, 2008 

A hydrogen sulphide leak at a fertiliser factory in China has left six people dead and a further 28 ill. The poisonous gas escaped the Anning Qitian Chemical Fertiliser Co. plant in Kunmin, Yunnan's provincial capital.
The leak occurred yesterday but was only reported today. The injured received treatment and are said to be in a stable condition. The factory belonged to the Anning Qitian Chemical Fertiliser Company.
The leak has now been contained. It is not thought to have had an environemntal effect.
China's industries have a poor safety record, with coal mines having the worst, suffering 3,800 deaths last year according to government statisics. The government also said that 101,480 people died last year in road and industrial accidents, and although no further elaboration was given, it is thought a fifth of them were due to industrial accidents.

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