[<< wikinews] Wikinews Shorts: June 6, 2008
A compilation of brief news reports for Friday, June 6, 2008 .

=== Five scuba divers missing near Indonesia ===
Five European scuba divers remain missing after being swept away by a huge wave off the coast of Indonesia. The divers are from the UK, France and Sweden. They have been missing for over 24 hours.
The divers were last seen in Komodo National Park, in an area known for being quite dangerous. The national park is very popular within the diving community. 
The rescue attempt has had no success, partly due to the lack of fuel that is available for the search aircraft. The navy has also joined the search.

 "Five European divers missing in Indonesia: police" — Yahoo! News, June 6, 2008
 "British scuba divers missing off Indonesia" — The Daily Telegraph, June 6, 2008

=== Bus crashes in Indiana, United States ===
A bus has crashed in Crown Point, Indiana. Investigators believe that the driver may have been asleep at the wheel. The bus turned over on its side today at around 10:00 a.m. local time, injuring 29 of the 42 passengers.

 "Bus crash: officials suspect driver fell asleep" — indystar.com, June 6, 2008
 "Driver Of Bus That Flipped May Have Been Asleep" — cbs2chicago, June 3, 2008

=== Teenager stabs father during fight ===
Police have reported that an Iowa teenager recently stabbed his father during a fight. The father was allegedly stabbed three times in the chest area. Police arrested the teen, who has now been charged with attempted murder.

 "Police: Teen Stabbed Father During Fight" — KCCI, June 6, 2008
Associated Press. "North Liberty teen accused of stabbing father" — Chicago Tribune, June 6, 2008

=== Climate bill blocked by US Senate ===
The US Senate today blocked a bill which required the US to reduce its level of carbon emissions. This failure in the Senate is partly due to the fact that many politicians believed that passing the bill would result in higher energy prices. Despite the failure in the Senate, both US presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, supported the bill.

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