[<< wikinews] Controlled explosion in Bristol, United Kingdom; man arrested on suspicion of terrorism
Friday, April 18, 2008 

A man was arrested in Bristol, United Kingdom on suspicion of terrorism Friday. There has also been a controlled explosion. Parts of the city were evacuated. The person who was arrested is believed to be 19 years old.
Assistant chief constable for Avon and Somerset police commented on the incident. “During yesterday and overnight, Avon and Somerset Constabulary have been co-ordinating a number of covert inquiries,“ she said.
"As a result, a 19-year-old man was arrested yesterday afternoon under the Terrorism Act 2000," she continued.
"It is unlikely that those who have been evacuated will be able to return to their homes until much later today at the earliest but I am sure that they will understand that this inconvenience is to ensure their safety and welfare and I can only repeat we are extremely grateful for their co-operation."
A Wikinews reporter visited the nearest main road, Henleaze Road in the hours after the arrest, to report on the incident. It was noted that there was a significantly higher number of police vehicles in the area, compared to the usual figure.
The Wikinews reporter also noted that there were several reporters gathered around the local police station.
A large police van was also noticed outside the police station.
Avon and Somerset police hosted a press conference in which they released a statement. The beginning of the statement can be found below:

BBC News has reported that the arrested man was a follower of the religion of Islam. This has not yet been confirmed.
By 1700 Local Time (1600 UTC), the police presence in the area surrounding Henleaze Road had decreased dramatically. 
People on Henleaze Road this evening told Wikinews that they were, among other things, "shocked" and "surprised," by today's events.

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