[<< wikinews] British student falls to his death from 10th floor window
Wednesday, March 5, 2008 

An unnamed male student has fallen to his death from a tenth floor window in Middlesbrough, England.
The 24-year-old threw himself out of an open window in Middlesbrough Tower, the main building of the University of Teesside. The drop was 120 feet high. Police and ambulance were called to the scene at around 18:30. The police are currently trying to contact the student's family, who do not live locally. The police have said that they are not treating the death as suspicious. A post-mortem is to be carried out today.
The building was open at the time and therefore anyone could have walked in, although CCTV was in operation. Students and staff who were in Middlesbrough Tower at the time were forced to leave the building at around 19:30 and give contact details to the police on duty.
One woman, who left the building minutes after the incident said, "There were three security guards and I think a cleaner near the body. They were obviously the first on the scene - and one of the security guards had already called an ambulance."
A spokesman for the university, which caters for 9,700 students, said, "We can confirm we are assisting the police following the tragic incident at the university campus last night. We will give more information as soon as we are able."
"At this time there are no suspicious circumstances and the coroner has been informed," said a police spokesperson. "The male is confirmed to be a student at the university and attempts are being made to contact relatives and for the male to be formally identified."

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