1. West Virginia University regains title as number 1 party school
  2. Wreckage of Kenya Airways flight 507 found in jungle; All 114 on board killed
  3. Detroit woman dies after child's 911 calls are neglected
  4. Stornoway, Scotland shop Wee W announces imminent closure
  5. Confidential EU report about Israels annexation of East Jerusalem
  6. 46 illegal Afghan immigrants suffocate in truck in Pakistan
  7. Iraq's Justice Minister accuses U.S. of having "lots of secrets they want to hide"
  8. Six teenagers die in car accident in Victoria, several others injured
  9. Sri Lanka Army captures Tamil Tiger's capital of Kilinochchi
  10. Canadian Liberal vote heads to third ballot
  11. More US recalls: Fish pool toy rips fingernail off child, numerous toys with excessive lead
  12. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch to be auctioned off
  13. Images show new dimension to Saturn's rings
  14. Two Britons killed in British consulate convoy attack in Basra
  15. Camel sacrificed at major Turkish airport
  16. NHL: Ducks charge to two game lead over Wild
  17. South Korean health authorities confirm first vaccination death
  18. Letter bomb explodes near Scotland Yard in London, England
  19. Wikinews profiled in news report
  20. Palestinians to elect new president on January 9
  21. Australian late scores down Japan 3-1 in Group F
  22. Six thousand gather to celebrate birthday of Yugoslavian leader Josip Broz Tito
  23. Underwater volcano causes 3,300 ft column of steam
  24. Voracious fish defend coral reefs against warming, say scientists
  25. Bomb blast kills 5 policemen in Islamabad, Pakistan
  26. Julian McGauran makes rude gesture to Australian Senate
  27. Thinktank recommends changes to Australian student fees
  28. Kenyans flee homes after Tuesday's raids
  29. First Norfolk Island murderer in a century found guilty
  30. 18 hospitalized after gas attack in school in Valga, Estonia
  31. Cutting bonuses and management is Dell's new strategy
  32. US Senate blocks Alaska refuge drilling
  33. Opening performance at Norway's new opera house postponed
  34. 6.8 earthquake rocks northeastern coast of Papua New Guinea
  35. 'Expelled' producers accused of copyright violations
  36. Golfer Tiger Woods delivers apology speech
  37. Nuclear power seriously considered for ASEAN power grid
  38. Sewage spill fouls Waikiki Beach
  39. Six charged with the attempted assassination of Fijian coup leader
  40. Bus crash kills six, injures Iraqi minister in Jordan
  41. San Diego State University pitcher taken first in baseball draft
  42. Former Egyptian president Mubarak reportedly ill, may be in coma
  43. Conditions in the womb determine male sexuality
  44. English Premier League 2007/08: Kieron Dyer suffers suspected broken leg
  45. British Incapacity Benefit due to be overhauled today
  46. Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong to be charged with murder of Kim Jong Nam with VX nerve agent
  47. NHL: Devils fall to Lightning, series tied at 1-1
  48. Magnitude 6.5 earthquake rocks the Solomon Islands
  49. Woman arrested for heckling Chinese President Hu at White House
  50. US rejects EU proposal to give Internet control to the UN
  51. Western Canadian justice officials to press for criminal code changes
  52. Iranian government bans critical media
  53. California governor Schwarzenegger presents new budget plan
  54. Austrian police find dozens dead inside lorry
  55. Tanker seized by Somali pirates; Russian warship en route
  56. Wikinews Shorts: March 17, 2008
  57. Austrian man who imprisoned daughter pleads guilty at start of trial
  58. Wikinews Shorts: December 3, 2008
  59. Scores killed in bombings at Pakistani shrine
  60. Hurricane Earl threatens eastern US
  61. COVID-19 may spread like flu, say scientists
  62. Bomb explosion in Somaliland kills four cops
  63. Magnitude 7.5 earthquake hits Afghanistan
  64. Selgros Cash and Carry to open two new stores in Transylvania
  65. Saddam Hussein executed by hanging
  66. Dozens dead after bus accident in Cameroon
  67. Tropical Storm Dolores now active
  68. Chinese police seal off monastery in Tibet
  69. British actor John Inman dies at 71
  70. Tony Blair's eldest son admitted to hospital
  71. Götze to make Dortmund return, Schürrle completes Dortmund offensive lineup
  72. Media reports exaggerate cell phone cancer risk
  73. Canada confirms fifth case of Mad Cow Disease
  74. Villagers evacuating as Mayon volcano erupts
  75. Argentina thrash Serbia and Montenegro in Group C
  76. Germany too hot for Ecuador in Group A
  77. U.S. nonprofit news agency shuts down
  78. Typhoon Parma threatens Taiwan
  79. At least fourteen dead after rebel clashes in Somalia
  80. Former rugby union commentator Bill McLaren dies at age 86
  81. Dow Jones Industrial Average closes at lowest level in six years
  82. Russians continue to top podium on third day of European Deaf Swimming Championships
  83. AU peacekeepers killed in Somalia, Islamists vow more attacks
  84. Ghanaians elect new President
  85. Horse flu infects Australian thoroughbreds
  86. Cargo plane crashes in Dubai, two dead
  87. BBC broadcasts first live episode of EastEnders
  88. Islamic militant threatens West in a video
  89. Protests at New York's Hamilton College over controversial professor
  90. First successful womb transplant recipient passes six-week pregnancy mark
  91. World's oldest living woman dies at age 115
  92. Science minister visits Australia's newest nuclear reactor, receives nuclear power report
  93. Yangtze river in China polluted
  94. O'Reilly begins using open editing of its books before publishing them
  95. National Hockey League news: March 10, 2008
  96. Portugal beat Iran 2-0 in Group D
  97. Putin blasts US foreign policy
  98. New Jersey woman identified after fifteen years in psychiatric home
  99. Costello sparks new Liberal leadership speculation
  100. Rockets, mortars fired from Syria land in Israel
  101. Gordon Brown announces new powers for UK Treasury
  102. Terri Schiavo's father makes appeal to have feeding tube reinserted
  103. Arizona, Florida, Illinois hold 2020 US presidential primaries; Ohio postpones
  104. Last three Bali Nine smugglers jailed for life
  105. US court jails second man for Revolution Muslim web postings
  106. Documents regarding Kennedy assassination found in Dallas
  107. Davao City, Philippines militant leaders declare victory
  108. Violence in Somalia displaces over 27,000
  109. Singapore announces driverless buses on public roads from 2022
  110. Peggy Whitson, record-breaking 'American space ninja', returns to Earth
  111. Cast of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing announced
  112. Republic of Molossia hosts state visit
  113. One person dead, 5 injured in early morning Dorchester shooting
  114. Football: England beat Andorra in their first Euro 2008 qualifier
  115. U.S. Senator Obama announces presidential candidacy
  116. CMSU computing team discovers another record size prime
  117. American Idol winner Ruben Studdard wins lawsuit
  118. Teenage girl pulled out of rubble in Haiti fifteen days after earthquake
  119. Forest preservation plan debated at climate talks
  120. Demonstrators clash with police in Algeria after slum protest
  121. The Aviator and Vera Drake scoop top prizes at the 2005 Orange BAFTA Film Awards
  122. Stadium disaster claims lives at football World Cup qualifier match in Ivory Coast
  123. Pump leak and fire shuts down nuclear reactor in France
  124. Explosion at ConAgra plant in North Carolina, multiple injuries
  125. New Zealand's anti-spam legislation kicks in – exclusive report
  126. Astronaut's baby born 200 miles below him
  127. Rural African school goes to Sweden for environment award
  128. Eurozone offers Greece 30 billion euro in loans
  129. Iranian diplomat kidnapped by men with Iraqi defense ministry IDs
  130. Football: FC Bayern, Jupp Heynckes reach agreement; club's head coach until season end
  131. U.S. Defense officials: Satellite photos suggest second North Korea nuclear test
  132. Hezbollah attack Israel; Israeli forces cross over into southern Lebanon
  133. Wikinews interviews Dr. Michael Mazilu on creating world's fastest spinning manmade object
  134. South Australian educational blog shut down
  135. India: Head of Delhi Commission on Women calls for prompt capital punishment for child rape
  136. Mets; Citigroup agree to 20 year sponsorship deal
  137. Arrests for kite flying in Pakistan spring festival
  138. U.S. government seeks to examine Guantanamo inmates' documents
  139. South Africa defeat Australia in final match of the 2006 Tri Nations rugby series
  140. Results of 2005 United Kingdom General Election
  141. Drunken passenger triggers UK-Dominican Republic flight's diversion to Bermuda
  142. Greek man arrested over alleged plot to hijack Emirates airliner at Karachi airport
  143. Wikinews interviews journalist Konrad Godlewski, who uncovered BATUTA hoax
  144. Shiv Shankar Menon to take over as India's new Foreign Secretary
  145. Football: Sunderland lead Championship after 2-1 win
  146. Slow-cooking dinosaur eggs may have contributed to extinction, say scientists
  147. Jenny Li and Thomas Dold win the 2008 Taipei 101 Run Up
  148. 2006 Commonwealth Games open in Melbourne
  149. FIFA World Cup 2018 day five: Sweden, Belgium, England win three points
  150. Armenian Journalists Facing Prison Sentences in Turkey
  151. China warns US to avoid trade confrontation
  152. Plane crash in Florida kills five
  153. Three dead, three wounded in Idaho, USA shooting
  154. Police station in Algeria hit by bombing
  155. Apple reveals new iPod shuffle with voice
  156. Chinese hackers call off attack on CNN website
  157. New Australian industrial relations legislation passes House of Representatives
  158. Tom Menino wins historic fifth term as Mayor of Boston; plus results from area cities
  159. Germany book quarter-final spot with 2-0 win over Sweden
  160. Australian Paralympian Janet Shaw dies aged 46
  161. Exit polls indicate pro-Thaksin party lead in Thai election
  162. Colorado College Tigers win 41st annual Great Lakes Invitational tournament
  163. George Zimmerman found not guilty in Trayvon Martin case
  164. Greece: Athens Pride 2009
  165. Ian Thorpe starts to recover from chest pains
  166. 2007 Heineken Cup Semi Finals
  167. Australian children suffering from iodine deficiency
  168. Pro-secular Turks rally against Erdogan's possible presidential candidacy
  169. Study says people don't understand the emotional tone of emails, but think they do
  170. World's oldest leather shoe found in Armenia
  171. Noted stamp engraver Czeslaw Slania dies at 83
  172. Arsenal defeats Chelsea 1-0 to win Community Shield 2015
  173. Slovenian cyclist Jure Robič dies in traffic accident aged 45
  174. The 2006 Winter Olympics torch reaches Rome
  175. Wolfowitz to quit as head of the World Bank
  176. ESA launches Herschel Space Observatory and Planck Satellite
  177. Spain edge out Saudi Arabia 1-0 in Group H
  178. Wikinews discusses DRM and DMCA with Richard Stallman after GitHub re-enables public access to youtube-dl
  179. Low fares airline, Ryanair celebrates twenty years in business
  180. New Zealand policeman caught speeding discharged
  181. Ben Bernanke confirmed as Federal Reserve chairman for second term
  182. 2008 Google Developer Day makes its inception in Taiwan
  183. 13 killed in U.S. air strike in Pakistan
  184. Macedonia declares state of emergency due to heat wave
  185. Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi found guilty of fraud
  186. Bush approval rating sinks to 38%
  187. Universal and FOX are shutting down "Firefly" t-shirt sites
  188. Australian warship sunk as artificial reef
  189. Automobile manufacturer Toyota triples annual loss prediction
  190. New video of captured British troops aired; protests at UK embassy in Tehran
  191. Al-Qaeda says another bin Laden tape to be released
  192. Anglican Church offers landmark compensation deal
  193. Independent presidential candidates debate this weekend
  194. Scientists report skyrocketing phytoplankton population in aftermath of Kīlauea eruption
  195. Nikolay Davydenko beats Rafael Nadal in Sony Ericsson Open
  196. Man, 62, shot dead in Ronanstown, Dublin
  197. Body of small child found in Orlando, Florida
  198. Iran voices defiance towards nuclear deadline
  199. Queues start to form for UK iPhone launch tomorrow
  200. Kenya troops enter Somalia after kidnappings
  201. First photo of a planet that orbits another sun
  202. Arsenal signs Japanese Takuma; Chelsea signs Batshuayi
  203. Spain passes Tunisia test to win 3-1 in Group H
  204. Sealand wrecked by fire
  205. Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/LA-ND
  206. Gbagbo detained by opposition forces and taken to meet Ouattara in Ivory Coast hotel
  207. XM and Sirius submit FCC transfer request
  208. Demonstration in Hong Kong denounces WTO
  209. Steve Jobs denies 'location-gate'
  210. September 11 attacks remembered in US
  211. Howard's 10 year party gatecrashed
  212. Osama bin Laden praises martyrdom in video
  213. French politicians distance themselves from Chirac
  214. Gambian President Yahya Jammeh concedes electoral defeat
  215. Bernie Ecclestone attacked outside London headquarters; no arrests made
  216. Toilet on International Space Station breaks
  217. South Sudan fuel tanker explosion kills dozens
  218. FC Bayern Munich sign Jürgen Klinsmann as new coach
  219. Particle accelerator reveals long-lost writings of Archimedes
  220. Pegasus rocket launches C/NOFS satellite
  221. Storms lash northern New Zealand
  222. Iconic gay couple split
  223. Deadly crash at Dayton, Ohio air show
  224. U.S. President arrives in Singapore
  225. O.J. Simpson named suspect in robbery
  226. Remaining Expedition 25 crew launch to space
  227. Dominique de Villepin to replace resigning French PM
  228. Football: Ronaldo to play for Corinthians
  229. Brazilian tribe is neither a new discovery nor a hoax
  230. Sydney woman charged in Perth heroin seizure
  231. Four US soldiers face disciplinary action for burning Taliban soldiers' bodies
  232. German football goalkeeper Robert Enke is dead
  233. Britney Spears fired by management company
  234. Former Georgian Minister accuses Saakashvili of war mongering
  235. Fourth 21 July bomb suspect held in Rome
  236. Wikinews interviews Gary Fung from isoHunt
  237. Lebanon's opposition holds Syria responsible for Beirut explosion
  238. Iran will continue work on nuclear fuel cycle
  239. US lottery jackpot tops $500 million, sets world record
  240. 2007 WCC Tournament
  241. Several UN troops killed in Congo ambush
  242. Hurricane Felicia threatens Hawaii
  243. Bush delivers final State of the Union address
  244. Moldova State University student to represent Moldova at world cyber games in Singapore
  245. Minnesota court declares Franken winner; Coleman considers appeal
  246. 2007 Cricket World Cup: Australia vs Scotland
  247. Anglican Church of Australia approves female bishops
  248. Nadal beats Raonic to reach Australian Open semis
  249. Seven killed in Chinese bombing
  250. Pay-by-Plastic pumps up gas prices/Notes
  251. Two-time plane crash survivor, Austin Hatch, scores first goal in college sports
  252. Dutch Football Association appoints Ronald Koeman manager of men's national team
  253. Five soldiers killed in Southern Thailand
  254. Huygens moon probe to land on Titan
  255. BBC begins trial program allowing legal TV and radio downloads
  256. Meth use now USA's top drug problem, survey finds
  257. NYC Transit asks members to ratify new contracts
  258. Sun Unveils Java 6.0
  259. Alan Keyes still in presidential race
  260. ASEAN basketball league moves closer to reality
  261. World Health Organization: Stay away from Ugandan caves
  262. U.S. air strikes on Somalia confirmed
  263. Egyptian military issues ultimatum to Morsi
  264. Wikinews interviews a Restore the Fourth organizer
  265. CN Health & Safety Plan planned to be cancelled
  266. Sexy video clips influence young girls more than boys, study shows
  267. Singapore police arrest death penalty book author
  268. Shooting in German hospital, four killed
  269. Man missing after an explosion in central Stockholm
  270. FIFA World Cup 2018 Day 2: Uruguay, Iran win three points each with late goals; Portugal-Spain share the spoils
  271. Bodies of 2 children allegedly thrown from bridge are found
  272. 18 dead after multiple twisters strike US Midwest
  273. Helicopter carrying quake survivors crashes in China
  274. Macy's flagship store in New York evacuated due to fire
  275. Hezbollah-Israel war continues for a third day
  276. UEFA Champions League 2007–08: Werder Bremen vs. Lazio
  277. Canadian PM to make televised address for 5th anniversary of Sept 11. attacks
  278. BBC Outside Broadcasts to be sold to Satellite Information Services
  279. Haiti reschedules November presidential elections
  280. Michael Schumacher wins the European Grand Prix
  281. White House discussing troop withdrawals of up to 50% in Iraq
  282. Third former Williams trader admits manipulating natural gas prices
  283. UEFA Women's Cup: Potsdam wins Women's Cup against Stockholm
  284. Romanian government asks kidnappers to release female journalist
  285. Police confirm lagoon bodies are boys missing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  286. Space Shuttle Endeavour launches for final time
  287. Car bombings near Iraq government offices kill at least 130
  288. Final report blames instrument failure for Adam Air Flight 574 disaster
  289. U.S. improving Persian Gulf missile defense
  290. "The Simpsons" announces change in title sequence and move to HD
  291. Airbus A380 safety test injures 33
  292. Self-Defence party to stay on in the governing coalition of Poland
  293. Australians make Paralympic Village uniquely their own
  294. National Hockey League news: February 24, 2008
  295. Dust storm covers Tokyo: in pictures
  296. Researchers: Wild gorillas seen using tools
  297. America
  298. Anti-whaling Sea Shepherd crew detained in South Africa
  299. More from APEC: EU not backing down
  300. Confusion over British cannabis status
  301. UK government's Information Commissioner takes enforcement action against Liberal Democrat party for cold calling voters
  302. United States Senate passes financial overhaul bill
  303. Two Michigan children, aged 9 and 11, charged with sex crimes
  304. US professional wrestler Jon Huber dies aged 41
  305. Australian woman dies in backburning operation near Bathurst
  306. Tsunami exposes ancient ruins in India
  307. Australian PM Howard under fire over AU$1.40/L pump prices
  308. Bikers begin descent on South Carolina resort for rallies
  309. Google phases out IE6 support
  310. World Bank gives Kiribati emergency aid
  311. UN demands return of aid seized by Hamas
  312. Nokia takes over Symbian OS development
  313. Israel approves first West Bank settlement in over 20 years
  314. Congressman Cunningham admits taking bribes
  315. California lead bullet ban moves forward
  316. Fire in Alpine road tunnel between Italy and France
  317. UEFA Euro 2016, semifinal: hosts France beat Germany 2-0
  318. UK study highlights child abuse by humanitarian workers
  319. Wildfires spread across parts of Oklahoma
  320. New 'Star Wars' film to be released in August
  321. Hurricane Bertha strengthens over Atlantic Ocean
  322. Report: quarterback Michael Vick won't plead guilty to killing dogs
  323. States Challenge IR laws in High Court
  324. Australian rules football: Maffra win 2010 Gippsland Football League grand final
  325. Death sentences in 2008 Chinese tainted milk scandal
  326. Navy helping New Orleans pets
  327. Gas explosion reported in Hammersmith, London
  328. UEFA Cup 2007–08: Brann vs. Hamburg
  329. Bolivian president announces legal action over Obama's 'crimes against humanity'
  330. Serb General Pavkovic to Surrender to Hague
  331. Canadian military accused of Agent Orange cover up
  332. Pipe bomb found near nuclear power plant in Arizona
  333. Estonian soldier killed in southern Afghanistan
  334. Smashing Pumpkins may reunite
  335. Midget car racer Bryan Clauson dies aged 27
  336. Wikinews' overview of the year 2007
  337. Katrina raised gas prices higher than ever
  338. "Toxic soup" scenario in New Orleans unlikely
  339. Bomb explodes in Belarusian city
  340. Wikinews Shorts: November 30, 2008
  341. Al-Qaeda commander Abou Zeid killed in Mali by French forces
  342. Pittsburgh playwrights pen furry musical, invite Anthrocon attendees to observe reading
  343. Plane carrying 92 crashes into Black Sea near Sochi
  344. 1,100 evacuated due to massive Halifax brush fire
  345. Amnesty International calls for police justice in Mozambique
  346. Iraqi peace talks to begin in Finland within days
  347. US President Obama proposes financial reform
  348. Pakistani train derailment kills at least 56
  349. Space shuttle Discovery cleared for Monday launch
  350. "Woofstock" dog festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  351. John "Jebby" Bush, son of Florida Governor Bush, arrested for public intoxication
  352. US interest rates rise to 2.75%
  353. Fear and loathing on the campaign trail, June 2008
  354. Miami police officer injured after falling from horse
  355. Bangladesh reports five new deaths due to COVID-19, a daily highest
  356. Felipe Massa wins 2008 French Grand Prix
  357. UFDR rebels seize second town in Central Africa Republic
  358. 44 worshippers shot dead at Nigerian mosque
  359. Guatemalan Supreme Court approves impeachment of President Molina
  360. New Zealand Xtra broadband "unleashed"
  361. Boston Globe criticised for outing FBI informant
  362. Witnesses of fire in Vladivostok under investigation
  363. National Hockey League news: March 14, 2008
  364. Australian Gliders squeak out first place victory over Germany women's national wheelchair team
  365. Socialists win second term as Spain's ruling party
  366. CNN hires three conservative commentators
  367. Police call off search for missing woman in Georgia, USA
  368. Jason-2 satellite launched to measure sea levels
  369. Yahoo launches new Podcast Search
  370. Belgian Chamber of Representatives backs interim government
  371. Saudi Arabian women gain right to vote, run in elections
  372. Microsoft to acquire health information search engine
  373. Kosovo's independence unacceptable for Serbian PM
  374. Swiss millionaire gets record speeding fine
  375. Neste Oil to build world's largest biodiesel plant in Singapore
  376. Black Box from missing Indonesian plane may have been found
  377. Hamid Karzai takes office as first elected president of Afghanistan
  378. Bulgarian chess grandmaster attempts to break chess record
  379. Roma
  380. Suicide bombing in Afghanistan kills three, 35 injured
  381. Rancagua, Chile Servicio Médico Legal boss, Juan Díaz, suspended on Juanita Carey case
  382. Scientists use gene therapy, patients' own immune systems to fight leukemia
  383. Wikimedia Foundation announces departure of general counsel Mike Godwin
  384. Discworld author films his battle with Alzheimer's
  385. Hser Nar Moo, missing Utah girl, found dead
  386. Operation Marham:India rushes aid to Indonesia
  387. Obama surprises 'brother' Joe Biden with Presidential Medal of Freedom
  388. French president insults passerby at national agriculture convention
  389. Ship accident in Norwegian sea causes environmental catastrophe
  390. Karlheinz Stockhausen, composer, dies aged 79
  391. BBC newsreader Alagiah to undergo treatment for bowel cancer
  392. Publishers seek injunction against Google Print
  393. Guards uncover 600-foot escape tunnel at US prison in Iraq
  394. Australian Police net $540 million in "liquid ecstacy"
  395. Wikimedia Foundation's first Wikimania convention held in Germany
  396. Martin claims victory in Charlotte
  397. South Africa hospital discharges former president Nelson Mandela
  398. Wikinews holds a follow-up interview with Max Riekse, Constitution Party candidate for the 2008 U.S. presidential election
  399. Somali pirates capture two ships
  400. Bus carrying children overturns in Babyninsky, Russia; at least seven die
  401. Truck crashes into British Columbia wedding party, killing six
  402. Sixteen killed in Marrakech, Morocco bomb blast
  403. Mexican opposition party elects new leader
  404. Mugabe spokeperson tells critics to 'go hang'
  405. Japanese tsunami impacts California coastal town
  406. Australia to subsidise Herceptin for early-stage breast cancer
  407. Home-invaders pose as NYC police
  408. Annual Perseids meteor shower visible in northern hemisphere
  409. NASA's TESS spacecraft reports its first exoplanet
  410. Jaafari nominated Iraq PM
  411. Australian Manns Mitre 10 hardware store closes after rent dispute
  412. George Bush arrives in Middle East
  413. South African judge jails eight police for Mido Macia's 'barbaric' murder
  414. Earthquake shakes Athens
  415. On the campaign trail in the USA, July 2016
  416. Massive blackout in France
  417. Chemical firm LyondellBasell collapses
  418. Full extent of Abu Ghraib detainee abuse revealed
  419. Air safety group says airport was operating illegally without license when Garuda Indonesia Flight 200 crashed
  420. Poll shows Préval with clear lead, but ineligible candidate Siméus could have presented a challenge
  421. English mathematician John Horton Conway dies after contracting COVID-19
  422. Canada to have free vote on reopening gay marriage debate
  423. Wikinews interviews 0 A.D. game development team
  424. Taylor Swift's 1989 wins Grammy's Record of the year; Bad Blood wins the Best Music Video
  425. Australian Greens senator Bob Brown marks 10 years in Parliament
  426. Vermont town to vote on charging US President, Vice President of war crimes
  427. Chelsea Clinton engaged to banker Marc Mezvinsky
  428. New Afghan President Ashraf Ghani sworn in
  429. Police reports indicate theft of automotive catalytic converters up across parts of US
  430. Queensland government not doing enough on water: Poll
  431. Foiled HSBC robbers named
  432. Second day at IPC Para-alpine World Championships at La Molina delivers surprises
  433. Flooding in South Australia
  434. Actor and television host Gary Collins dies aged 74
  435. German bomb suspect arrested by police
  436. FC Barcelona presents project for new Camp Nou stadium
  437. Emergency doctor testifies in NY State Sen. Hiram Monserrate felony assault case
  438. NASA says worker tried to sabotage ISS
  439. Turkey strengthens air defence at Syrian border following shootdown
  440. Real Madrid agrees with Chelsea FC to sign goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois
  441. Hong Kong's recession ends, economy grows 3.3%
  442. US stocks log gains for fourth week in a row
  443. Green opportunism pays off
  444. North Sea oil spill is Norway's second worst
  445. Obama raises $35M re-election funds from 244 campaign 'bundlers' since April
  446. 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup: Germany defeats Brazil to retain championship
  447. Blast kills 8, injures 126 at a mall in Manila, The Philippines
  448. British ISPs restrict access to Wikipedia amid child pornography allegations
  449. Thirty die in car accidents during Bicentennial of Chile celebrations
  450. Russia to resume bomber patrols
  451. Indiana tornado kills at least 19
  452. Taiwan Kuomintang Party leader Lien Chan meets Hu Jintao in a historical visit to China
  453. Explosion, fire temporarily halts cereal production at General Mills plant
  454. Quebec man found not guilty in shooting death of Laval officer
  455. Rep. Barbara Lee calls for U.S. Congress probe into Iraq War planning
  456. Sharp declines in Intel, Yahoo lead tech stocks lower
  457. Sri Lankan reporter Tissanayagam released on bail
  458. VP candidate Palin accuses Obama of terrorist links
  459. At least fourteen dead after eating toxic fish in Madagascar
  460. Football: Thomas Sørensen ready for new club
  461. New Jersey backpedals on proposed bikini waxing ban
  462. Nine die in bush-fires in South Australia
  463. Animal rights activists demand British coffee chain withdraw advertising campaign
  464. US intercity passenger train collides with truck, derails
  465. Five month old girl injured in "deliberate" house fire
  466. U.S. President Bush responds to Russian criticism
  467. Texas 'roadeo' lets school bus drivers show their mettle
  468. Indiana primaries: Bernie Sanders wins Democratic, Donald Trump wins Republican
  469. Fresh pictures of Castro and Chavez shown in Cuban media
  470. Wikinews attends Texas Haunters Convention
  471. Suspected Iraqi bomber murders investigator
  472. UEFA president Platini confirms Euro 2012 to be hosted in Poland and Ukraine
  473. Aid for Australian farmers increased to $1 billion
  474. White House, Capitol Building evacuated as small plane enters no-fly zone
  475. Magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits New Zealand
  476. US airlines Delta, Northwest file for bankruptcy
  477. Heatwave sweeps USA, many struggling to keep cool
  478. Large Hadron Collider damaged, to be shut down for repairs
  479. Scientology guilty of fraud rules French appeal court
  480. 6.5 magnitude earthquake hits Acre, Brazil
  481. Wikinews interviews Rich Mann and Kevin Smith of the United States Australian Football League about the upcoming National Championship
  482. Nottingham Express Transit extensions get Government approval
  483. Official results say Namibian president reelected after polls
  484. Miles-long queue to view Pope John Paul one last time
  485. IPad 2 goes on sale in United States
  486. Afghanistan: Ambulance suicide attack kills about 100 people in Kabul
  487. US Presidential elections: Mitt Romney wins Iowa straw poll
  488. Third explosion at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant
  489. State Senator Stewart Greenleaf enters New Hampshire primary
  490. Wikinews interviews U.S. Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney
  491. Seven killed in gun attack on Sri Lankan cricket team
  492. Monday's no-confidence vote may signal end of current Canadian government
  493. 2,887 ecstasy tablets intercepted at New Zealand International Mail Centre
  494. Seven bushfires near Perth, Western Australia
  495. Atlas rocket launches ICO G1 satellite
  496. Burlington, Markham, and York South-Weston election results
  497. Rally in Australian forests to oppose woodchip industry
  498. Southern Australian munitions factory explodes
  499. Suresh Joachim breaks ironing world record
  500. US Seeks to Lift Export Sales Ban on the F-22A Raptor