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Case Studies - Communities of Specialists

== Title: ==
Communities of Specialists.

== Description: ==
How to utilize Communities of Specialists to ensure rapid capture and sharing of knowledge

== Problem Statement ==
Lam Research manufactures complex capital equipment for the Semiconductor Industry. These tools are used worldwide by companies to produce integrated circuits. Technology is changing rapidly and most significant production learning occurs in the field, on customer's tools. A method was needed to ensure that this learning is captured, archived and shared rapidly.

== Strategy ==
Create communities of specialists for major areas of learning

== Action Plan ==
Define major areas of learning (e.g. wafer handling, software, defects)
Identify leader for each major area
Define specialists worldwide who have key skills in major areas
Create checklist of required skills and competencies
Establish regular forum of specialists

== Lessons Learned ==
It is critical to have a leader who plays an active role in establishing and creating the community
Need to provide rapid response initially until the community becomes self sustaining
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