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== Introduction ==
As technological advances are made in the field of proteomics, it is seen that advances are necessary in the preparation of protein samples prior to any particular procedure. A number of issues arise in this respect; including sample clean-up, fractionation, enrichment, and the also sample condition optimization. Considerations of this nature can be crucial in obtaining relevant results from an experiment; some so much so that experts feel the field of proteomics is currently being limited by the lack of significant advancement in sample preparation techniques.
This facet of proteomics is becoming particularly critical in the case of high throughput protocols where the necessary conditions of a sample in one stage may directly conflict with the efficacy of a second stage. For example, during the initial step in 2D electrophoresis, isoelectric focusing, all proteins in a sample are given a net charge of zero; while the second step, gel electrophoresis, requires a negative charge on all products in the sample in order to induce movement through the gel matrix.
Many companies offer pre-packaged kits that will allow you to prepare samples for many different techniques.  They also offer many protein samples, and other protein technologies.  Many of these companies are also on the forefront of protein analysis technology.  Some examples are:
www.bioproximity.comThis section is part of an ongoing project at the Rochester Institute of Technology, involving the Bioinformatics department.  Currently the project is being worked on by a Proteomics Class taught by Dr. Paul Craig.

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