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== Colors ==
As well as having two sets of numbers, Korean also uses two sets of colors, one being the native Korean set, the other being derived from Chinese characters hanja 한자 (漢字).

=== Native Korean set ===
Various like dozens of Korean words represent similar colors but express the different impression of colors. The following Korean words about color are the most neutral and normal words.
Korean colors may be followed by native word, 빛 or 빛깔, or followed by 색 (色) which is derived from Chinese characters. Each word means color.

==== Examples ====
빨간 입술 red lips
파란 하늘 blue sky
푸른 초원 green grassland
노란 병아리 yellow chick
흰 눈 white snow
검은 눈동자 black pupil

=== Chinese character set ===
백인 (白人) white person
흑인 (黑人) black person
흑백필름 (黑白 film) black & white film
적색신호 (赤色信號) red light signal
청바지(靑바지) blue jeans<>