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== Qing Re Yao (Herbs That Clear Heat) ==
Most Qing Re Yao clear both External & Internal Heat
External Heat can get into the body and transform into Internal Heat
Herbs that clear heat generally have antibiotic actions
Qing Re Yao are contraindicated for weak Spleen or Stomach

== 6 Subcategories of Herbs That Clear Heat ==
Qing Re Xia Huo (Clear Heat, Purge Fire) - for Qi level
Qing Re Liang Xue (Clear Heat, Cool Blood) - heat in Wei & Qi level
Qing Re Chu Shi (Clear Heat, Dry Damp)
Qing Re Jie Du (Clear Heat, Reduce Toxin) - TCM antibiotic
Qing Re Hu Rei (Clear Summer Heat)
Clear False Heat

== External Evil ==
External Evil can invade 4 levels, where the Wei Level is the least serious, and the Xue Level is the most serious level:

Wei Level (卫分证) Defensive Level
Qi Level (气分证) Energy Level
Ying Level (营分证) Nutritive Level
Xue Level (血分证) Blood LevelTCM | 
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