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= Introduction =
Oddly enough, Calculator works just like a real calculator. However, it has the advantage of actually being three calculators in one. The View menu lets you choose between Basic, Scientific, and Programmer calculators. Each has different buttons and can do different types of math.

= Using Calculator =

== Basic Calculator ==
Arithmetic Operations

== Scientific Calculator ==
Exponents and Roots

== Programmer Calculator ==

= Other Features =
Paper Tape - Calculator can keep a record of every calculation you make on a “Paper Tape”, which can be printed or saved from the File menu. To use the Paper Tape, choose View > Show Paper Tape. It appears in its own little window for convenience.Reverse Polish Notation - The View menu lets you turn Reverse Polish Notation (RPN for short), an alternate way of entering equations, on or off.Rounding -Calculator also lets you pick how many places to round to with the View > Precision menu.Conversions - Not to be missed, the Convert menu lets you convert different units of measure.Speech -  The Speech menu lets you set up Calculator to speak keys you press, great for avoiding accidental errors.