[<< wikibooks] Mario Adventure/Colossal Classics
Map Music: Grassy Hills
Level Music: PlainsVery classic but not the classic I know. Colossal Classics is a giant new version of Super Mario Bros.

== Brothers Battle (Colossal Classics) ==
Not the easiest one. Wait until the boomerang bro throws a boomerang over you and then jump on him. Run to the music block without getting hit by the giant hammers, the bounce up and run against the block that the giant bro is standing on.
My favourite way of getting past this bro is wait for him to be at the right side of the block, then wait on the left side. If he jumps, run under him, but take a short jump off of the block or he might stun you when he lands (or maybe you’ll still be in the air from the drop). If he doesn’t jump, walk off the block before he walks into you. Then you have to fight two more boomerang bros (I don’t recommend just trying to run past them).
The Five(!) Fire Bros at the end are really tough. Jump on the first one’s head, then keep bouncing from head to head. I just treat the floor underneath as lava. The battle is way up so you can’t see Mario when he’s up in the air… you can judge your position with the movement of the screen. If you can get out the 5 consecutive bounces, you get a 50 coin prize.

== The Stationary Airship of Colossal Classics ==
Location: The rightmost level, two steps right of the fortress.
Time Limit: 300No forced scrolling, but some invisible platforms! Maybe it’s going to be a stealth ship, but it’s under construction. Right now, most of it is visible.
Go up and to the right, then bounce on the bullet bills to get on top of the wall. There’s an invisible floor to the left of the wall near the top of it, so you don’t have to make it all the way to the wall. Now you’ll have a huge bottomless pit with some coins hovering on it. The coins mark the invisible floors.
Now you have to zig-zag your way down. Careful when dropping down the left side; there’s an invisible floor there so that cannon blaster might be dangerous. The trick for the next giant pit is to run across it, as there are small chunks of invisible floor.
Next part is pretty simple. There’s a part with a bunch of cannons and a long row of coins; speed past it and you’ll out run the cannons, which looks a little cool. Keep going right until you get a power-up, then go back left a little bit to the wall with space under it. To the right of that wall is an invisible platform; climb it to progress.
The next pit is a doozy; there are two columns of coins that mark where the real pit begins and ends. Keep to the left of the first column and jump to the right of the second column. The coins themselves have no invisible coins under them.
Now that you’re inside, maneuver the obstacle course consisting primarily of podoboos (including upside-down ones) and thwomps. The next part with the spinning circle things is really tough; concentrate on one part at a time. Baby steps.
Now it is time to fight Lemmy. He’s the guy who shoots bouncing balls all over the arena, ‘cept now he takes 5 hits of course. He can’t jump, and he’s still capped to three balls total (after that, his wand won’t do anything), but the arena is a little more cluttered, thanks to the two large blocks occupying a good deal of space.
You have two ways to beat Lemmy. The first is to wait for him to roll to you, then jump on him. A safer way would be to jump on the balls and bounce onto the blocks above. Then you can drop on Lemmy.