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Notes for this document
1. I usually use Israeli official names for place names that continue to be used in modern-day Israel within the Green Line, like Zefat instead of Safad/Tzfat/Tsefat. The Israeli official names can be seen on GovMap. Palestinian place names are based on the one used by Survey of Palestine on the 1944 map. Israeli localities established on the ruins of historic towns, like Migdal/Magdala, Zippori/Sapphoris, may be rendered in either form. 
2. Personal names of modern Israelis and Palestinians are rendered according to personal preference. Hebrew names from the antiquity are first introduced with the conventional name with transliterated form according to Academy of Hebrew Language system in parentheses, and then with the conventional form only. Talmudic sages, however, are always referred by their names in Hebrew transliterated according to Academy of Hebrew Language system. Jewish festivals are referred by their conventional names. When multiple conventional names exist for a Jewish figure, the one used by Jews would take precedence over the one used by Gentiles. Other historical figures may be rendered in either conventional form or direct transliterated from. 
3. In all other situations when direct transliteration of Hebrew is involved, the Academy of Hebrew Language transliteration is used, while the transliteration from app.glosbe.com is used for Arabic.
4. Since Golan Heights is outside the areas of former Mandatory Palestine, it’s not included in the overall geography of the region unless otherwise noted.
5. This document may offend some Palestinian nationalists who believe that the Canaanites were Arabs or that Zionism is racism, or some Revisionist Zionists who believe that Israel only belongs to Jews and the Palestinian nation only began in 1964.

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