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== History ==

The Amiga CD32 was preceded by the unsuccessful Commodore CDTV.
The Amiga CD32 was launched in 1993. The CD32 sold decently at launch. The CD32 was met with cautious optimism and skepticism of a future for the system by some reviewers at launch.The system was unable to be launched in the USA due to a legal issue, which further reduced the ability of the CD32 to gain a significant marketshare.
The production of the Amiga CD32 was cut short in April of 1994 when Commodore went bankrupt.

== Technology ==

=== Compute ===
The Amiga CD32 is based on the Amiga 1200, and uses a Motorola 68020 CPU and 2 megabytes of RAM. The CPU is clocked at 14.18 megahertz in PAL regions, and 14.32 megahertz in NTSC regions.

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