[<< wikibooks] Phabricator Administrator's Handbook
This book is a guide for administrators of a generic Phabricator installation.
Phabricator is a free and open source professional suite of web-based software development collaboration tools. It can be used both as a software to be installed on a web server, or as a service maintained by someone else.

== Contents ==
Starting points
Support - how to find help by humans
References - where to find some official documentation and other references
Compare Phabricator and ... - a quick comparison between Phabricator and other solutions like GitLab
First steps
Installation - how to install Phabricator on a server
Authorize a client via SSH - how to upload an SSH public key in Phabricator
Projects - how to create a project, configure policies etc.
Herald - trigger actions from events
Maniphest - discover the component handling Tasks and bug reports
Arcanist - how developers interact with Phabricator
Harbormaster - discover how to do continuous integration with Harbormaster
Configure inbound e-mail
Using an existing mailbox