[<< wikibooks] Issues in Interdisciplinarity 2019-20
== Welcome ==
Hello and welcome to the Wikibook Issues in Interdisciplinarity 2019–20.
This book is collaboratively written by students at University College London (UCL) taking the module 'Approaches to Knowledge', a first-year undergraduate course that forms part of the core of the Arts and Sciences degree programme.
The book is split into four sections, covering four common issues facing those conducting interdisciplinary work:

PowerEach chapter explores how one of these issues might play out in an actual example of interdisciplinary work.
Potential readers may range from stakeholders in interdisciplinary education (e.g. educators or policy-makers) to students thinking of pursuing an interdisciplinary degree programme, either at UCL or elsewhere.
This book is a sequel to the Wikibook Issues in Interdisciplinarity 2018-19.
Any interested parties can contact the module convenors, James Everest and Lauren Bird, for further information. Contact details are available on the UCL Arts and Sciences departmental webpage.

== Contents ==

=== History ===
History of the Nuclear Family in Britain
The issue of History in the 2013 - 2016 EVD epidemic
The Issue of History in Wellbeing

=== Truth ===
Truth in Lie Detection through Neurolaw
Truth in the Ted Bundy Case
Truth in Free Will
Truth in The Nanjing Massacre
Truth in the Prison System
Truth in the Formation of Social Groups
Truth in Nazi Germany
Truth in the Creation of the Universe
Truth in Gender
Truth in the treatment of hysteria: from ancient Greece to the end of the 19th century
Truth in Abortion
Interdisciplinary Depictions of Human Nature
Truth in Cults
Truth in Cambridge Analytica Scandal
Truth in The Advertisement of Tobacco

=== Evidence ===
Evidence in Dreams' Significance
Evidence in Religious Experience
Evidence in the Causes of Homosexuality
Evidence in the Afterlife
Evidence in the Nature of Crime
Evidence in Intermittent Fasting
Evidence in the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia
 Evidence of the Vichy-Regime after World War Two
Evidence: Is private school really better than public school?
Evidence in Addiction

=== Power ===
Power in corporate aggregation
Power in single-parent families
Power in the impact of Pornography
Power of the Unconscious in Decision Making
Power and Pregnancy
Power in Guilt
Power in Blaxploitation Cinema
Power Over Disney Princesses
Power in Voluntourism
Power in climate action
Power in Film Production
The Power of the Hijab
Power in the United States Opioid Crisis