[<< wikibooks] Roblox Studio Tutorials/Ways to die in Roblox Natural Disaster Survival
1: Fall damage 2: Drowned 3: Burnt 4: Hit by a piece of lava 5: Fell off the edge 6: Hit by a piece of thing in a sandstorm 7: Staying outside in a blizzard 8: Hit by a meteor 9: Attempting to cross over a tsunami when not high enough 10: Struck by lightning 11: Falling into the volcano 12: Volcano spawned on you 13: Staying on the edge in an earthquake 14: Staying outside in an acid rain 15: Walking into the tornado 16: Falling off second floor of lobby 17: Staying on green or black stuff in an acid rain 18: Staying on white stuff in a blizzard 19: Attempting to reach the volcano when you have orange  or red health bar 20: Falling off the play area