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Prologue: Shade of Fear is the prologue of Eragon. Its characters include Arya Drottningu, Durza the Shade, Glenwing, Fäolin, and twelve Urgals. It takes the point of view of Durza.

== Summary ==
A Shade named Durza is hiding in the woods, waiting for a "stone" that was stolen from him a while ago. He commands twelve Urgals, which the shade, Durza, refers to as smelly, ugly tools that he resents. The "stone" is carried by an elf woman, who is escorted by two elf men. Durza's plan is to take the stone from the female elf by force, then kill all three of them. As was to be expected, the elves smell the Urgals too soon, and the ambush is thwarted. The Urgals manage to kill the two elf men nonetheless, but the female, shocked by the sudden loss of her companions, escapes. She is however, the one the Shade wants. He summons his Urgals after her, but albeit the Urgals' persistence, she is too fast for them and kills a couple of them as well. Summoning a wall of fire around everyone, he traps her inside the forest. Elves are skilled magic users, but she is no match for him. In a hurry, she lifts the blue "stone" over her head, and mutters a few words. Desperate, the Shade barks out a word in the ancient language, but is too late, the stone has already been sent somewhere else, and the magic strikes down the elf instead. Infuriated, he flings his sword at a tree and kills all the remaining Urgals. The elf is then captured by the Shade. He leaves all but the fires in his path to burn.